Services outlined

Contract to Close

  • Establish a relationship with your client and the cooperating agent as your transaction coordinator
  • Obtain signatures on all initial paperwork
  • Ensure the title company, client (and lender when applicable) get a copy of the contract 
  • Assist scheduling home and termite inspections
  • Assist scheduling appraisals
  • Obtain a copy of the earnest money
  • Reminder of timeline throughout transaction
  • Assist with any additional paperwork throughout transaction such as repair amendment and closing extensions 
  • Obtain/provide utility information to ease the process of utility transfer for your clients
  • Periodically audit each file and provide updates as to where we are on the paperwork side of things 
  • Consistently communicate with the cooperating agent to ensure they have everything they need from us
  • Ensure title company has a copy of the termite letter
  • Ensure title company (and lender when applicable) have a copy of any amendments 
  • Order home warranties once you have specified what company you prefer
  • Coordinate and schedule final walkthrough
  • Review closing statements to ensure accuracy 
  • Coordinate and schedule closing once you have confirmed the time and place you prefer
  • E-deliver your completed file to your brokerage to ensure prompt payment as soon as the closing documents have been delivered